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Youth Boys Fall Tourney Season Starts Off Hot!

By Bill Keane, 10/28/19, 7:15AM EDT


The youth boys traveled to the University of Delaware on Sunday, 10/27 to compete in the Blue Hen Classic.  What a tale of two halves weather wise.  The morning/early afternoon brought heavy rain and wind and the afternoon brought sunshine and clear skies.  The Shamrocks organization traveled with their 2028 (with guest 2029's), 2027, 2026, 2025 and 2024 teams to begin their fall ball tournament play.  The little guys (2028/29) started out their day first playing inside the Fieldhouse (staying dry and making the rest of us jealous). After a really close loss to Freedom and a loss to NXT, Coach Kurt had them turn the ship around and finish with a nice win over Southshore.  The 2027's took the field next (out in the rain) and had a nice day playing very competitive lacrosse.  The boys ended the day with 2 ties (302 and Blue Star) and had a setback loss to NXT.  Coach Neil and Coach Nick are doing a fantastic job with the team!  The 2026 team started out hot and finished the day on fire.  The 2026 boys went undefeated and won the Championship with wins over Blue Star, Zingoes, 302 and Zingoes(championship).  The 2025 boys also went undefeated (although a scoring error at the table almost derailed them).  The boys finished with wins over 302, NXT (tie), and Freedom.  The ended the day (karma) with a 5-1 win over NXT.  The 2024 team had a day of growth and improved as the day went on.  While the wins were had to come by the team improved and took some big steps.   We are excited to watch this group come together and take the next step.  All and all, a great day with lots of rain, wind, smiles and some hardware to take home!