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Inquire today about limited spots on our Boys and Girls Select Teams

Email Coach Keane at to inquire. 

Team Openings

Shamrocks Lacrosse will be evaluating players for the following teams/positions this spring. Are you interested in taking your game to a new level with top competition and coaching? See below for team openings:


2029 Boys-2 Players (Attack, Defense and Midfielders)

2028 Boys- 3 Total (Attack, Defense and Midfielders)

2027 Boys- 1 Defense

2026 Boys- 1 Midfield


2026 Girls- 2 Players (Attack, Defense, Midfield, Goalie)

2027 Girls- 2 Players (Attack, Defense, Midfield, Goalie)

2028/29 Girls- 3 Players (Attack, Defense, Midfield, Goalie)

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