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About the South Jersey Shamrocks

Why Shamrocks?

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Our Program Goals:
1. To create a positive lacrosse experience that will develop your child as lacrosse player and more importantly, as a person.
2. To prepare your child, as a lacrosse player, to compete with the best players in his age group.
3. To teach valuable life lessons such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, maturity and competitiveness.
4. To honor the game and promote the sport of lacrosse in our local community.
5. To prepare your child for the challenge of playing high level high school and college lacrosse.
6. To continue to foster the fraternity of lacrosse in the South Jersey region.

How our goals are accomplished (updated for 2018-19 season):

Shamrocks players will have the opportunity to participate in 1 to 3 optional fall lacrosse tournaments depending on age. 
High School aged players will participate in high level recruiting tournaments. 
Middle School players will compete in very competitive regional tournaments. 
All players will participate in multiple Team Practices throughout the fall.  The practices are designed so that players can and should participate in other sports (typically Sunday evenings).   High School players will also participate in the Shamrocks Spotlight Series.  The Spotlight Series is a high level training session coached and run by current NCAA college coaches.
Shamrocks players will participate in our Winter Training Academy including  individual skill development and scrimmages.   These sessions will focus on developing and reinforcing critical skill sets that will apply to the field game.  These sessions will are designed so that you can and should play additional sports.
If the schedule presents time, select teams will hold Spring Team Practices to be held in April and May.  These practices are not designed to interfere with your spring lacrosse team(s).  All Youth Teams will participate in at least 1 play day with other club teams.
All players will have Team Practices one to two days per week.
Shamrocks High School players will participate in 4 high level Recruiting Tournaments.
Shamrocks Middle School players  will participate in 3-4 very competitive regional tournaments depending on your age group.

All players also receive:

Sublimated Reversible and Game Shorts

Practice Reversible

Custom Shooting Shirt

Pricing Model-

Our pricing model includes everything listed above (uniforms, apparel, tournament entry fees, coaching, practices, insurance, etc).  Parents of a 2028/29(youth) player can expect to invest $650-$750 annually for their child.  Parents of a 2023-2027 (youth) player can expect to invest $875 to $975 annually for their child.  Parents of a 2020-2022 (High School) player can expect to invest $1400 to $1700 annually for their child.  *Note- High School Girls parents can plan to invest $1375-$1475 on their child's registration.

We do not charge a separate fee for each tournament, uniforms, etc.  Our fee is one set fee which covers everything except for optional/additional events.  All registration fees are broken down into 3 payments spread out through the following 9 months.


Boys and Girls Teams- Will practice in Gloucester County and the surrounding area.

Shore Teams- Will practice in Petersburg, NJ and the surrounding area.  Players may have to occasionally travel to the Gloucester County area in the Winter for training.

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