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Self Training Page

Shamrocks Wall Ball Routine

3-4 Times Per Week

  1. 50 Right Hand No Cradle
  2. 50 Left Hand No Cradle
  3. 25 Cross Hand- Strong Hand (Face Dodge, then throw cross handed, catch with stick back in the box)
  4. 25 Strong Hand- Catch, Pump and Pass
  5. 25 Strong (1) Hand Catch and Cradle
  6. 25 Weak (1) Hand Catch and Cradle    
  7. 25 Right Split Dodges (Throw right, catch right, split, throw left, catch left, split – Counts as 1)
  8. 25 Left Split Dodgers (Throw left, catch left, split, throw right, catch right, split– Counts as 1)
  9. 15 Switching Hands Quick Sticks (Throw across body, switch hands while ball is in air after each throw, throw right catch left, throw left catch right)
  10. 25 Behind the Back with Strong Hand

Body Weight Workouts and Conditioning

3- 4 Times Per Week

  1. Interval Runs- 15 second sprint then 45 second jog. Repeat 15 times
  2. Mile Run- 1 mile run in under 8:30 minutes
  3. Body Weight Exercises- 3 Sets

     Plank to Push-Up: 20 reps (Hold Plank for 20 seconds and then do push up)
     Squat Jumps 20 reps
     Burpees: 2 minute continuous
     Push-Ups: 20 Reps
     Lunges: 20 Reps each leg
     V-Ups: 20 Reps
     Jumping Jacks: 1 minute
     Chin-Up or PullUps 10 Reps


2029,2028,2027, 2026 Age Groups- 

Interval Runs- Reduce to 7 to 10 times

Mile Run- Under 11 Minutes

Body Weight Exercises- 1-2 Sets

2025,2024 Age Group

Interval Runs- Reduce to 10-15 times

Mile Run- Under 9:30 Minutes

Body Weight Exercises- 2-3 Sets

2023,2022,2021 Age Group- Do all.  I would recommend doing the workouts and wall ball 5 days per week for HS players. 

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