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Boys Program Overview

2020-21 New Player Tryouts

Shamrocks Lacrosse will be evaluating players for our 2021-22 teams at our July tryouts.   We will be offering spots to players entering grades 2 through 11 this fall for both our Boys and Girls program.  Our 2021-22 season will begin in September 2021 and carry though until July 2022.  Click HERE for more tryout information. 

What to Expect as a Member of our Boys Program


Updated for 2021-22:  All Shamrocks youth players (2026-2032) will have the opportunity to participate in 2-3 local, one day lacrosse tournaments or play days.  

High School aged players (2023-2025) will participate in 3 high level recruiting tournaments.  

 All players will participate in team practices in the fall on Sundays (6-8 practices).  The practices are designed so that players can and should participate in other sports (typically Sundays).  

High School players will also participate in the Shamrocks Spotlight Series.  The Spotlight Series is a high level training session coached and run by current NCAA college coaches.  A recruiting session will be included with this event.   2023 and 2024 players will also have an online recruiting profile with Sports Recruits.

All players will receive a written evaluation of their fall season performance and the areas they should improve upon through the winter. 


Winter is a lighter season for us.  All players will have the opportunity to attend 4-6 training sessions (included) throughout the winter.  It is also recommended that all players should also participate in *positional training programs offered based on their availability.     These *sessions are not included in your registration.


All youth teams will practice 1-2 days (Sundays and possibly one week night) per week in the spring not to conflict with your rec/town teams.  Our 2029, 2028, 2027 and 2026 teams will also participate in the NXT Spring Club league.   All youth teams will play in one spring tournament or play day. 


All players will have Team Practices one to two days per week.  

Shamrocks High School players will participate in 4 high level Recruiting Tournaments.

Shamrocks Middle School players (2025-2029) will participate in 4 very competitive regional tournaments.  

Younger teams (2030-2032) will participate in 2/3 very competitive regional tournaments. 

Boys Team Structure

Middies: 6-7,
Fogos: 1-2
LSM: 1-2,
Defense: 5
Goalies: 1-2
Alternates: 3-5

One Team per Age Group.  At least 2 Coaches per team.  

All players also receive:

Sublimated Reversible and Game Shorts

Practice Reversible

Custom Shooting Shirt

Pricing Model-

Our pricing model includes everything listed above (uniforms, apparel, tournament entry fees, coaching, practices, insurance, etc).  Parents of a 2031/32(youth) player can expect to invest $1300- $1600 annually for their child.  Parents of a 2026-2030 (youth) player can expect to invest $1700 to $2000 annually for their child.  Parents of a 2023-2025 (High School) player can expect to invest $1900 to $2300 annually for their child. 

We do not charge a separate fee for each tournament, uniforms, etc.  Our fee is one set fee which covers everything except for optional/additional events.  All registration fees are broken down into 3 payments spread out through the following 9 months.


All Teams will practice in Gloucester County and the surrounding area.

Week 1 Tournaments Results