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When Adversity Creates Opportunity

By Bill Keane, 05/02/20, 7:30AM EDT


I have always believed in the idea that adversity creates opportunity.  Sometimes the opportunities are right in front of you in plain daylight, sometimes you have to look and look for the opportunity.   

It is clear that the current environment has been tough on everyone.   We are all living through this and really do not have any past experience to draw upon.  There is no blueprint, no models, no history that we can refer to for advice.  None of us have experience living through a pandemic.  We are all going to use different metrics to analyze and make decisions to the best of our ability. 

 What I have come to appreciate is that more people than not are trying their best to stay positive and make it through this in a better state then when this started.   Most people that I have spoken to are taking the opportunity to learn new skills, read more, train more, free play more and connect in different ways with old and new friends alike.  They are turning this adversity into opportunity.

I know as a club we have the opportunity to come out of this better.  The new opportunities have been awesome for everyone that has engaged. Our coaches are connecting with the players in new ways each day and challenging the kids to move out of their comfort zones.  Some of coaches have their players timing their mile runs and keeping a log of their wall ball work.  They hand in accountability forms and connect via Zoom to share their results.  This is keeping the kids in shape, improving skills and even better, teaching accountability and commitment.  Some of our teams are competing in the Shamrocks Olympics.  These Olympics are keeping the kids in shape and improving skills and more importantly: connecting the kids, teaching accountability and discipline, helping the kids identify strengths and weaknesses and promoting the benefits of team and completion.  Some of our teams are tasked daily with completing athletic challenges, wall ball and stick work drills and mental toughness, leadership and team building projects.  They are asked to share their accomplishments and thoughts on specific subject matter with their coach teaching them commitment to athletics, commitment to academics and commitment to growth.   Another group of players is participating in our “Prove It” program teaching accountability, self- motivation, discipline and more.   These high school players are tasked with completing athletic, lacrosse and mental toughness drills and activities and then reporting to their coach to measure growth.

While I know we are not on the field and we cannot play team lacrosse right now, I now know that this adversity has made our players better.  Our players are growing.  They are thriving.   They are learning to connect with others in different ways and developing new friendships. Our players are learning to self -motivate and challenge.  They are learning accountability to self and team.   This adversity has given us the opportunity to come out of this as a better version of ourselves and I am so proud to see that happening with our players and program.