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Boys Defensive Training

Boys Defense Training Series

The Boys Defense Training Series will feature 15 minutes of dynamic warm-up and speed/agility training to start each session. After the warm-up we will get into 45 minutes of defensive training.

All areas of boys defense will be taught for all Intermediate and Advanced Boys from grades 3 to 12. 

This training series will be a fast paced with tons of reps.


Session 1 Winter: Tuesdays 1/12/21, 1/19/21, 1/26/21, 2/2/21

Session 2 Winter: Tuesdays 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2

Boys: 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Location: Indoor Turf at Total Turf- 614 Lambs Road, Pitman NJ- Inside Turf Field
Lead Trainer- Tim Fair- Former All- American- Stevens Tech

Don't forget to show your Covid Screener everytime you enter Total Turf:

Cost: $145.


Refund Policy: Prior to the first training session: If the State of NJ does not allow indoor training to commence by the start of the training you will receive a full refund. 

Once the training sessions have begun: If the training is allowed to start and then State of NJ then pauses/cancels indoor training you will receive a credit of $35 session that is cancelled.  You will be able to use the credit(s) for a future clinic, training session or camp only.

There will no refunds or credits for any other reason.